Frequently Asked Questions


Will I need to pay additional VAT and/or duty fees?

Will the shipment and returns continue to be free of charge after Brexit?

Will there be any delays to my orders after Brexit?

How will my returns be processed after Brexit?


How to prevent the damage of air springs / How to extend the service life of air springs/struts?

What does the manufacturer number (OEM) stand for and why do some products have more than one?

What is the difference between an air spring and an air strut?

What is the warranty on Aerosus products?

What is deposit?

What does 4MATIC mean?

What does VDS mean and how can I tell if my vehicle is equipped with VDS?

What does AIRMATIC mean?

What does ABC mean?

How can I see if my vehicle is equipped with AIRMATIC or ABC?

What does ADS mean and how can I tell if my vehicle is equipped with ADS?


Is COVID-19 disrupting the delivery process?

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

How much does shipping costs and how long does it take to receive my order?

Where do you ship to?


Which Payment methods does Aerosus accept?

Who has to bear the costs of the return shipment?


How can I return a product? How can I return my old part and how do I get the deposit back?


How secure is shopping on Aerosus?

How do I use coupons?

Is it possible to get a discount?


We are a European company with a valid VAT number (VAT identification number). How can we place an order in your online shop without VAT tax?